IELTS Examination Preparation

Course Details


IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It’s an internationally recognised examination that every candidate for a Masters course in Brazil has to do. It is also a requirement for those who want to do a Masters abroad, with the exam qualification being accepted by universities all around the world. The orientation course is for those people who already have a solid (upper) intermediate English level and who need to learn about how to do the test. The course helps participants to develop the strategies in order to maximise their scores in addition to making them familiar with the exam's format, the models required in the writing and the language needed to get a good score. 

At the end of this course you will

  • Be familiar with all the 4 papers in the exam;
  • Know how to use reading strategies to gain time;
  • Know how to analyse and group information in the writing task 1 paper;
  • Know and have used a variety of the language of trends to describe graphs in the writing task 1 paper;
  • Know how to plan and structure an essay for the writing task 2 paper;
  • Know how to use strategies in the speaking paper;
  • Know all the different question types in the reading paper;
  • Know what to look out for in the listening paper;
  • Be able to maximise your IELTs score with the language level you already have.